Selasa, 29 Disember 2009

Life's Too Short!

LiFe Is tOo sHoRt
To waKe uP WiTh REgRetS.
LovE THe PeOPLe wHo TreAt YOu RiGht &
fOrGeT THe oNeS WhO dOnT's!
BeLiEvE ThAt eVerYthIng
hApPeNs fOr a ReASoN.
iF you Get a cHaNcE - tAkE iT!
iF It chAnGeS uR LIfE - LeT iT!
nObOdY SaId lIfe WoUlD Be eAsy
thEy JuST pRoMIsEd
It wOulD bE wOrTh iT :)

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